Online Therapy

Online Therapy

TELE-Mental Healthcare, also known as online therapy, is an accessible and convenient way to receive psychotherapy. It is an alternative treatment option to in-person psychotherapy when you are unable to physically travel to my office for any number of reasons, such as COVID-19 concerns and/or traveling for business or holiday. At present, I utilize online sessions similarly to face-to-face in-person sessions, and I use a hybrid of in-office and TELE-Mental Healthcare in my work with patients. When scheduling an initial consultation, after discussing relevant factors, together we can make a decision about the best treatment option for you.

TELE-Mental Healthcare can be conducted from anywhere in the world. You will need access to the internet and can use your computer, phone, or any other enabled device. When conducting online therapy, I use the video platform VSee. VSee is a HIPAA-compliant tele-healthcare internet program. VSee's platform is simple to use and it is a secure way to provide TELE-mental healthcare.

If we engage in online therapy treatment, you will need to go to (I will send a link to you via email that you can click to join) and download and install the application on your computer/device. VSee has applications for MAC and PC. Follow their very clear instructions to download the program. Laptops and other electronic devices generally have a built-in videocamera and microphone, which makes this an easy process. And if your computer/device does not have a videocamera or microphone, you can purchase one that operates with your computer or device that will connect via a USB or other port. My profile name on VSee that you can use when adding me as a contact is:

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Please call me at 212-741-2606 with any questions and to schedule a consultation.