Couples in Crisis

Couples Therapy

I specialize in work with couples in crisis. Couples therapy, especially for those who are experiencing significant distress, requires specific therapeutic skills. I have received post-graduate training and supervision in couples and family therapy at the Minuchin Center for Family Therapy in New York City. My interests lie in the complexity of two people trying to understand their relationship and in exploring who they are in the context of the other.

Some of the issues to be considered in couples therapy include:

  • Improved Communication
  • Relationship Roles
  • Sexual Intimacy Problems
  • Healthy Boundaries (Closeness and Separation)
  • Practical Issues (Money, Work, Home)
  • Family and Cultural Similarities and Differences

• • •

In addition to the above issues, Same-Sex Couples have complex and unique needs, which differ from heterosexual couples. I have extensive experience and knowledge working with Same Sex Couples concerning contemporary gay-related issues such as:

  • Having Children (Adoption, Surrogacy, Stepchildren)
  • Negotiating Open/Closed Relationships
  • Legal Issues (Domestic Partnerships, Live Together Agreements, Civil Unions, and Marriage)
  • Mixed HIV Status Couples

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Please call me at 212-741-2606 with any questions and to schedule a consultation.